Hotel Management System HM_SODA

Management System | Web Application

Design, planning and development of software that meets the needs of a hotel system.

Our control panel provides a 360-degree view of all property functionality, including complete occupancy details for each room, check-ins, renewals and schedule management.


Room Management
The room management feature allows our customers to configure and manage rooms along with their different attributes.
The reporting section is one of the most important tools for our clients. They can use it to see the overall sales, sales by room, maintenance reports, among others. The app includes complete reports that present organized information for every product and service previously registered under each section.
Maintenance plays a crucial role in managing a hotel. Whether you need to report a broken light switch or fix a water pipe in your room, staying this on top is essential!
Room Service
Our room service area allows guests to manage sales of the mini bar, refreshments and other products that add to the experience.
Shift Management
The schedule management feature enables our clients to monitor timelines, create and organize shifts.