Il Maestro Pizzaiolo

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Branding, Design and development of an online store specializing in catering reservations, online ordering at events, and menu showcase.

From the conception of the Brand to the web site made in WordPress and WooCommerce as CMS, along with custom plugins created specifically for the client. Features include static pages tailored to your needs, category management options, price lists, financial transactions, customer management, shipping plans, email marketing support, technical support and security. In addition, it allows customers to purchase directly.


Branding and Design
Creating a successful brand requires a careful combination of elegant and functional elements. In the case of "Il Maestro Pizzaiolo", we have dedicated time and effort to achieve a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, to create a brand that stands out for its style and functionality.
Website Design and Development
Il Maestro Pizzaiolo Web Design
Seamless reservations with dynamic forms
Simplify the booking process with the 5 interactive and customized forms; allowing you to easily fill in the required details so that customers can enjoy a seamless booking experience on the website.
Modern design, avant-garde and minimalist aesthetics.
Immerse yourself in a visually appealing environment with our sleek, modern design. The combination of cutting-edge elements and a clean interface provides an aesthetically pleasing experience and highlights the professionalism of the website.
Functional presentation of the catering menu
Information on the different menu options is displayed in a clear and organized manner, allowing users to explore the available alternatives, obtain additional details and customize their selection according to their specific preferences and needs.
Monitoring of services and control of orders
Has an exclusive system for detailed tracking of all event services. In addition, we have developed a customized order control system for efficient and accurate management.