Multiparts Venezuela

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Design and development of an online shop for the sale of car parts in the B2c and B2B space.

Uses WordPress and WooCommerce as CMS, along with customized plugins created specifically for the customer. Features include static pages tailored to your needs, category management options, price lists that automatically sync with the national dollar rate, financial transactions, client administration, shipping plans, email marketing support, technical support and security. Additionally, it enables customers to purchase directly through different types of currencies.


Vehicle Product Finder
Implementation of a vehicle product finder in which the first Venezuelan car part application database is developed by an individual company.
Product Structure Development
Implementation and integration of various different product structures including different price strategies per type of client, listing of vehicle applications per part, part number, brand and imagery structure for over 2k products.
B2B Implementation
A B2B platform has been implemented on the website in order for client to be able to manage B2B client and set specific price lists, credit, and selected buying options depending on B2B group. This system also allows client to have sales people nationally, allowing them manage their client's purchase orders, invoice history and updtated credit reports.
Customizable Payment Gateway and Checkout Process
The customizable payment and checkout process allows buyers to explore different purchasing options and shipping nationally, especially in a country like Venezuela. It also allows the client, whether they are B2B or B2C, to select their preferred payment type whether it is for a local pickup or a national shipment.
Automated Exchange Rate
Product developed to automatically upodate prices in local and international currency in a real time basis.
Smart Search Functionality
Smart search engine designed to search within different product structures including name, description, car part but also able to search within any meta tags applied to the part.
Category restructuring
Organizing categories or sections differently to help visitors navigate better and find what they need. This makes a website easier to use, increases conversions and leads to satisfactory client experiences.
Custom Widgets