A&V Refrigeration

Ad Strategy | Email Marketing | SEO | Website

Design, branding and development of an website for the sale of industrial ice machines with the objective of generating leads worldwide and a complete renovation and look for the company.

Uses WordPress, along with customized plugins and themes created specifically for the customer. Features include landing pages developed specifically for ads, developing a robust SEO strategy, pages the products and the ability to function in Spanish and English.


Product Listing
We have developed a unique catalog to optimize your search for the perfect industrial ice machine. In the catalog, a wide range of options to meet your needs and enhance your experience in choosing the right machine including spec sheets and images.
Technical Data Sheet Area
With the detailed selection you will find the ideal solution and you can also compare the different products.
Lead Generation
Lead Generation worldwide was the ultimate goal for the client. The development of a robust lead generation strategy was necessary in order to be succesful organically, as well as on our ad campaigns.
Email Marketing
From creating engaging and relevant content, to segmenting the email list and sending effective campaigns, we ensure that the message reaches the right audience efficiently.
Ad Management
Develop an ad strategy around Google ads and Facebook in order to generate and capture leads across key target markets across the Pacific, South America and United States.