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Online shop specializing in pet supplies like treats, accessories, toys, supplements, and more.

Uses WordPress and WooCommerce as CMS, along with customized pluginsand themes created specifically for the customer. Features include static pages tailored to your needs, category management options, shipping plans, email marketing support, technical support and security.


Shopify Customized Theme
Thanks to our knowledge and experience in web development, we were able to adapt the Shopify theme to allow the addition of new functionalities. Now, our customers can enjoy a more personalized and efficient shopping experience, which translates into higher sales and better online reputation.
Web Shop
We have improved the navigation of the website to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for by adding new product categories and improving the search so that customers can find specific products more easily. We also optimized the speed of the website so that customers can browse the store faster and more efficiently.
Product Page Design and Development
Implementation and integration of various promotions, discounts, loyalty programs, bulk purchases, limited time offerings and other sales strategies into a fully functional shopping cart.