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Design and development of an online shop for the sale of customizable clothing. This website permits customers to personalize products and place orders with their unique designs.

Uses WordPress and WooCommerce as CMS, along with customized pluginsand themes created specifically for the customer. Features include static pages tailored to your needs, category management options, price lists that automatically sync with the dollar rate, financial transactions, client administration, shipping plans, email marketing support, technical support and security. Additionally, it enables customers to purchase directly through different types of currencies.


CUADRO Product Structure
Product Structure Development
Alongside the Cuadro team, we developed a robust product strategy that included new product variation strategies that included new SKU structure, color centralization and product imagery strategy.
Product Customization Implementation
Interface where users can choose between different options (such as colors, sizes, designs) or input their own text/images to achieve desired results.
Bespoke Menu Bar
The menu bar was developed to specific design requests of the CUADRo team and how they wanted they menu bar to function. This bespoke solution allows CUADRO to set different product categories on the menu and showcase a preview of each of the products/categories.
Smart Search Functionality
The implementation of a more advanced search bar allows customers to easily search for products on the website, including product categories and different product names.
Customized Checkout Process
This unique checkout process allows CUADRO clients to pick and choose different shipment or pickup options and provided with a wide variety of payment options depending on the shipping type.
Automated Exchange Rate
Product developed to automatically upodate prices in local and international currency in a real time basis.
Custom Widgets